Top Channels for Learning Playwright Automation Testing

Top Channels for Learning Playwright Automation Testing

Nowadays websites offer advanced features, responsive designs, and dynamic content, to allow users to engage. Due to this web automation testing has become one of the top priorities for modern QA engineers and agile teams as it ensures that the application works well and gives users a good experience. 

Therefore to accommodate the constantly evolving demands of modern web experiences, enhance the efficiency of the application and release them to the market much faster, developers need to choose an automation testing framework that fulfills the development need for web apps.

Selenium and other proprietary web automation tools were ruling the market; however, many testers are now favoring relatively new solutions over other established tools, one of which is the Playwright framework. The playwright is an addition to the many leading test automation frameworks available in the market. 

With the ever-evolving testing tools and trends, the demand for skilled testers and developers is on the rise as they help ensure that the tested application performs as intended and meets the end user’s expectations.

Hence, web application developers and testers must get new testing skills, expand their expertise, and keep up-to-date on the newest testing trends in development, testing tools, and techniques to succeed in their testing careers and meet modern user’s demands. They also need to get insights on the latest automation testing tools and frameworks like Selenium, Cucumber, and Playwright.

There are many different online sources to learn testing, but YouTube is a great platform for learning and sharing knowledge, especially for those in testing. There are a variety of top Selenium testing YouTube channels dedicated to offering an array of valuable resources that can help testers at different levels of experience.

In this article, we will discuss the top channels that provide a wealth of information, tutorials, and insights for learning playwright automation testing. But before we discuss them, let’s first have a brief knowledge of the Playwright framework, which includes what a Playwright is, what are its benefits, and why to choose the Playwright framework for test automation.

What is the Playwright framework?

Playwright is a popular open-source browser automation framework that has gained popularity recently for testing web applications. This framework is developed and maintained by Microsoft to solve the needs of testing for today’s web apps. To write powerful, stable automated tests it utilizes the DevTools protocol.

It has numerous features, making it a versatile and powerful choice for test automation. It offers cross-browser capability, multiple programming language support like Java, Python, C#, and NodeJS, as well as provides tools for screenshots, videos, and parallel execution

Playwright is a Node.js library that tests across all modern browsers such as Chromium, Firefox, and WebKit with a single API, allowing for faster and more consistent testing across multiple browsers. Developers use these APIs for writing JavaScript code to create new browser pages, navigate to URLs, and interact with elements on a page.

In addition, Playwright launches headless browsers by default, since non-headless browser Microsoft Edge is built on the open-source Chromium web platform, Playwright can also automate Microsoft Edge.

Benefits of Playwright

The playwright provides several benefits, some of which are listed below.

  • Playwright supports all major web browsers, including Chromium family browsers (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge), WebKit, and Firefox, for web automation testing.
  • The playwright provides multi-tab and multi-window support. 
  • Playwright provides testing in multiple languages including Java, C#, Python, and Javascript/Typescript, making it a popular choice.
  • Playwright also supports parallel testing which allows executing tests simultaneously with multiple browsers through Browser Context. This scales up testing when multiple web pages must be tested simultaneously.
  • Playwright offers built-in auto-waiting functionality that automatically waits for elements before executing actions or retrieving elements eliminating the need for manual waiting, such as custom wait functions.
  • It includes built-in support for capturing screenshots of the entire page or specific elements and screen recordings while running tests, making it easier to understand test failures.
  • Support API that allows running JavaScript code directly in the web page context.
  • Geolocation and device emulation:  Playwright, can emulate a real device such as a mobile phone or tablet, enabling testers to test their app on any browser without requiring physical access to them.
  • Its support for geolocation testing allows testers to ensure that their web application works properly for users in different locations.

Why choose Playwright for web automation?

Though Playwright is relatively new to the market, it was developed by Microsoft and was first released in January 2020, and since then it has gained much popularity. People who want to migrate from other automation testing frameworks like Selenium to Playwright can do it quickly since it supports multiple programming languages like C#,  Java, and Python, hence there is no limitation for choosing programming languages.

Playwrights can interact with the browser across multiple pages and domains with its intuitive syntax and flexibility. Additionally, the execution speed of test scripts on Playwright is much faster than other automation frameworks.

Top channels for learning Playwright automation testing

There are several ways to learn Playwright automation testing to become a professional tester. However, online platforms nowadays are taking the lead in providing knowledge in testing because of their ease of availability and accessibility.

Tons of dedicated testing channels assist in finding the best content regarding software testing.  These channels cover various testing concepts, tools, and best practices from beginner-friendly tutorials to advanced topics and real-world examples.

Below we have assembled lists of top channels where users can find a Playwright testing tutorial that best matches their level of expertise and contains all the necessary information they need.  


LambdaTest’s YouTube channel is a great resource of information and knowledge for learning more about Playwright automation testing as well as for test automation and web testing. It is one of the most popular channels that offers tutorials on topics such as Selenium, Playwright, Cypress, TestNG, Pytest, cross-browser testing, browser compatibility, Visual UI testing, automation testing, mobile app testing, and many more to boost up the knowledge and skills of testers in the software testing domain.

Apart from providing videos and tutorials, it offers monthly updates, new feature releases, webinars, etc., to give valuable insights into the testing community. This channel is great both for beginners and experienced people, and for those who want to learn about application testing and the latest trend to remain active in the testing community.

LambdaTest’s YouTube channel was created on 23rd Nov 2017. Currently, it has 24.6k subscribers and 748 videos available in the playlist with a total view of 3,339,688 views.

However, getting the knowledge and having the hands-on experience are two different things, therefore to leverage the true potential and different features of the Playwright framework it is best to use it over an automation testing platform like LambdaTest.

LambdaTest is an AI-powered test orchestration and execution platform that allows automating Playwright test scripts on a wide range of browsers including Chrome, Chromium, Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Webkit. Besides providing testing on web browsers online, LambdaTest also allows performing both real-time and automated mobile app testing on real mobile device cloud for Android and iOS.

The platform allows running manual and automated testing of mobile and web applications at scale by providing instant access to more than 3000 real mobile devices and environments. Using LambdaTest, testers can also run Playwright test scripts in parallel across different browsers simultaneously and trim down test execution cycles by multiple folds.

The testing academy

The testing academy provides detailed automation testing tutorials for beginners as well as experienced learners. It provides videos on testing, including SDET tutorials, Selenium tutorials, Playwright testing, API testing, rest assured tutorials, performance testing, manual and automation tutorials, and more. It offers a structured approach to learning automation testing with a focus on clear explanations and practical examples.

The Testing Academy joined YouTube on July 3, 2019, and currently, it has almost 141k subscribers and 804 videos available in the playlist section. This is a key resource for learning web automation testing, enhancing, testing skills, and staying updated with the latest trends in the testing world. It’s a favorite channel for those seeking to broaden their knowledge and improve their testing abilities.


The SDET (Software Testing YouTube Channel) is a dedicated platform for those looking to enhance their skills in web automation testing, particularly with Selenium, Playwright, and Java. The goal of this channel is to provide valuable content for beginners and experienced professionals to learn more about software testing and automation tools and enhance their knowledge.

This channel is focused on providing comprehensive knowledge about different range of topics, for beginners from, the basics of Selenium Automation and Selenium locators to more advanced topics like page object models, and working with Selenium Grid. It also provides screen sharing and coding exercises, so that viewers can follow along and practice the techniques discussed.

SDET- QA channel started on YouTube on April 6, 2013. It was created by Mr. Pravan an IT professional specializing in software quality engineering with the primary goal of sharing insightful educational videos focusing on software testing and automation tools. Currently, it has 664k subscribers with 925 videos in the playlist section, offering a total of 83,749,078 views.

Automation testing with Joe Colantonio

This channel provides testers and automation enthusiasts with comprehensive testing resources. It has a wide range of tutorials, discussions, and insights on topics like test automation with popular tools such as Selenium, Appium, Playwright, and TestNG, while also exploring emerging AI testing trends. It also includes a separate series covering essential testing tools and techniques needed for beginners as well as for those who wish to learn new tools.

Joe’s channel is an engaging platform for learning automation testing as it provides interactive elements like live coding sessions and discussions. Automation Testing with Joe Colantonio channel was created on 25 Nov 2009, for those interested in automation testing. This channel currently has 303k subscribers and consists of 1,063 videos in the playlist with 3,681,006 views.

Automation step by step

Automation Step by Step is a software testing YouTube channel that contains everything one needs to know about automation. It was started on January 2, 2016, by Raghav Pal, an automation architect to provide various software testing tutorials to get started with automation testing, ranging from simple to complex projects, tools, and frameworks, offering clear explanations and assisting beginners as well as those looking to learn automation testing.

It offers videos on various topics including Selenium, Cypress, Playwright, Jenkins, TestNG, JMeter, API testing, and more. Currently, this channel has 501k subscribers and 1,168 videos in the playlist with a total of 68,643,264 views.

Software testing mentor

The software testing mentor is a comprehensive channel dedicated to testing education; this channel was created on 30th Sep 2011, by Manish Verma, an IT expert in software testing and automation. It has 148k subscribers and 1,127 videos with 18,567,732 views currently. It includes videos on various topics including manual testing, automation testing, performance testing, and API testing, covering testing tools like Selenium WebDriver, Playwright, Appium, Jenkins, and many other programming languages.

Additionally, this channel offers valuable career advice and mock interview sessions with Q&A preparation and also shows how to do things in real-life situations, making it easy to learn and practice practical testing skills. All these make this channel an excellent choice for testers looking to advance their careers.


In conclusion, it can be said that the above-mentioned channels offer a vast array of resources and tutorials for mastering automation testing. Other than these there are other top channels for learning Playwright automation testing, they are Mukesh Otwani’s channel, letCode with Koushik, testing Mini Bytes, Naveen automationLabs, and EvilTester.

All these channels offer the right mix of knowledge and practical skills to make testers proficient in ensuring application quality. If one wants to evolve as a tester, leveraging the channels mentioned in the article will help in staying well-rounded in testing expertise.

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