Top Playwright Certifications for 2024

Top Playwright Certifications for 2024

To deliver bug-free, and high-quality applications to users, testers need to perform testing at a high standard. Automation is revolutionizing the world of software testing and quality assurance by ensuring the quality of web applications.

There are many automation testing tools and frameworks like Selenium, playwright, and many others that testers and developers utilize for automating web applications. There are also various Selenium testing certifications available for beginners as well as professionals to upgrade their skills.

But besides Selenium, Playwright from Microsoft is another widely utilized automation framework that enables robust testing of modern web applications, helps to improve the test accuracy and speed of the testing process, and saves time.

However, to fully utilize this framework developers must enroll in various automation testing courses that are available online that teach how to automate web testing using the Playwright framework. These courses also offer knowledge about many different types of automation testing frameworks, designing and implementing test automation scripts as well as getting hands-on training in the latest tools and techniques. These courses also cover the essential concepts and practical skills required to succeed as an automation tester.

In this article, we will provide a list of top Playwright certifications to get in 2024 to embark on a journey to Master Playwright automation testing and take the professional career to the next level. But moving ahead let’s first briefly understand what the Playwright framework is, and what the benefits of using this framework are. So let’s begin.


Playwright is an open-source library from Microsoft; it enables developers and testers to automate end-to-end testing for modern web browsers and web applications. with its powerful capabilities for automating browser actions, it ensures that the web application runs flawlessly, and functions as expected. Playwright is compatible with all major browsers, including Chrome, Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple’s Safari; additionally, it supports testing scenarios across multiple pages, domains, and iframes. It also supports several programming languages including Python, Java, and .NET C#, providing developers with more options to write test scripts. With its powerful capabilities for automating browser actions, it helps ensure that web apps run flawlessly.

It is built on top of the popular web automation library, Puppeteer, (a headless testing framework for Chrome and Chromium) browsers only. Playwright offers features, such as cross-browser support and the ability to automate web interactions, making it a valuable tool for web developers and testers

Benefits of Playwright automation

Learning to use Playwright can unlock the power of automation and save time and resources in the development and testing processes. With Playwright, developers can quickly write test scripts to perform a variety of tasks such as form filling, scrolling, clicking buttons, navigating pages on the website or application, taking screenshots, videos, and execution traces, and even producing PDFs from web pages.

Playwright is not just designed to automate tasks across different browsers but also to handle complex, single-page applications, as well as to provide high-level API for handling the automation of browsers, scraping data, and automating various web-related tasks, providing a seamless experience for developers.

Playwright also provides an auto-wait feature that helps testers write concise test scripts easily. This feature performs all important checks like whether the elements are performing as expected and the test results are more accurate. To provide coverage, scalability, accuracy, and high speed it allows simultaneous test execution, which is useful particularly when multiple web pages need to be tested concurrently. 

Given these strong capabilities, it’s evident that Playwright holds an important place in the automation testing domain.

Top Playwright certifications

With the increasing complexity of modern web applications, the demand for automation testers skilled in using tools like Playwright is at high. As proficiency in Playwright is now a sought-after skill, consequently getting a Playwright automation certification is an essential step in becoming a Playwright pro and building a career in this field.

Listed below are some of the top Playwright certifications for beginners as well as professionals.

Playwright 101: Certify Your Automation Skills

This certification is provided by LambdaTest. Playwright 101 is for beginners who want to gain expertise as a tester in Playwright automation for performing end-to-end testing of modern web apps. It helps in building a strong profile with enhanced knowledge of automation testing.

With this certification, one will get to know how to get started with the Playwright automation framework, run automation tests using Playwright, perform cross-browser testing using Playwright on a cloud grid, and leverage features like screenshots, videos, headless testing, environment variables, etc. in Playwright.

LambdaTest certification also provides Playwright 102, an advanced level certification to master Playwright automation knowledge and skills on the HyperExecute cloud grid. However, not only Playwright, LambdaTest also provides various other test automation certifications for example, Appium 101, Cypress 101, and Selenium 101 with various programming languages like Java C# Ruby, Python,  JavaScript, etc.

LambdaTest, an AI-powered test orchestration and execution platform, supports Playwright automation testing. Many developers and QAs use this platform to run manual and automated testing of both web and mobile applications at scale. The platform enables testers to perform real-time and automation testing on more than 3000 environments, real mobile devices, and browsers. Enabling geographically dispersed teams to expand their testing at the speed they want. 

Using Playwright with LambdaTest enables testers to perform cross-browser, visual, functional, regression, end-to-end, and geolocation testing, quickly, and efficiently. Not only this but other popular automation testing frameworks, including Selenium, Appium, Cucumber, Puppeteer, etc. can be seamlessly integrated with LambdaTest.

LambdaTest additional features include high-scale parallelization for quick testing with greater coverage, seamless integration with popular CI/CD tools like Jenkins, Azure Pipelines, and GitHub, and simple playwright debugging with video recordings, screenshots, logs, and test reports so that testers can enhance their testing process and quickly identify and fixing errors.

Playwright JS automation testing from Scratch with a framework

This is a certification course to master web automation testing efficiently with Playwright on live applications. This is specifically designed for beginners, but anyone from developer, tester, or those looking to boost their testing skills, can go for this course to enhance their knowledge and expertise to become a Playwright pro.

This course provides comprehensive knowledge of Playwright’s features, functions, and capabilities, and makes automation testing accessible and more engaging. Enrolling for this certification will provide learners with complete knowledge on how to automate browser actions, and make API calls within UI Automation tests to perform smart automation.

In this Playwright course one will also get well-known with common Playwright inspector tool; trace viewer and code-gen tools, utilizing all the features of Playwright to develop an end-to-end Framework, knowing network interception/API requests and responses with Playwright, ensuring flawless web application performance, streamlining the testing processes, and lastly learning JavaScript fundamentals required for Playwright automation testing.

Playwright: Web automation testing from zero to hero certification

This certification is a comprehensive guide that provides a solid foundation for mastering Playwright and then helps to gradually elevate the skills to an expert level. It provides beginners with JavaScript fundamental concepts of web automation testing using Playwright while exploring the ins and outs of it. It also offers knowledge on how to automate browser actions effectively.

It is designed for developers, testers, or anyone eager to explore the realm of automation testing. With this certification, the learner will be able to install Playwright and debug tests, analyze reports, and test results easily. They will also learn how to locate any web element on the page, interact with different UI components, and work with different APIs like API mocking, API requests, API call intercept, and API authentication in Playwright. It also includes advanced topics such as visual testing, mobile device emulation, fixtures, environment variables, and test execution in the Docker container.

This certification equips candidates with the knowledge and practical skills through hands-on practice on real-world examples and expert guidance to excel in the journey of automation testing from zero to Playwright hero.

Playwright automation essentials certification

This is a foundational level certification focusing on the core aspects of Playwright. It provides comprehensive knowledge on how to automate basic web tasks, such as page navigation, interacting with web elements, and capturing screenshots. It also helps candidates to get a grasp of setting up a testing environment using Playwright,

Advanced Playwright automation certification

This is an advanced-level certification that takes a deeper dive into the Playwright’s capabilities. It provides knowledge on handling complex web operations, including automation of dynamic content, managing file uploads and downloads, network interception and manipulation requests, and debugging techniques. The certification also introduces candidates to using Playwright in different CI/CD environments.

Master Playwright automation certification

This certification is for advanced users to investigate complex topics, such as executing tests in multiple browsers simultaneously, browser context management, working with cookies, and use of Playwright in distributed systems. This is designed specifically for those who want to master the use of Playwrights and become experts in the field.

Automated web testing with JavaScript and Playwright certification

Playwright’s advanced features with Java versatility and robustness make a winning combination. Together they enhance their capabilities and make test automation more powerful. 

With this certification, candidates get hands-on approaches to mastering the art of testing web applications efficiently. This certification helps to explore how to automate web testing using cutting-edge tools, frameworks, and programming languages to ensure that the web applications are error-free and function seamlessly.

The course covers topics such as setting up a test environment, writing automated test scripts, running test suites, and generating detailed test reports. After completing this certification candidates will be well-versed in automation techniques, which makes them a valuable asset in the development and testing of web applications.

Automated software testing with Playwright certification

This certification provides essential skills for becoming proficient in automated testing using Playwright, an open-source testing framework from Microsoft. 

This Playwright certification qualifies candidates to master the powerful Microsoft Playwright framework from beginner to advanced by putting their skills into practice with real-world end-to-end testing examples and difficult activities. It explains how to use Playwright for REST API testing and web scraping, and helps in expanding automation capabilities beyond web UI testing. It also teaches to streamline the testing process for faster and more efficient releases by integrating automation tests with CI/CD pipelines using Jenkins, and many more.


In conclusion, the road to becoming a certified Playwright automation professional is not easy, but certifications are the gateway to unlocking professional true potential. With a well-thought-out plan, consistent efforts, and choosing the best Playwright certification one can leverage the potential of a Playwright, enhance the testing capabilities, and have a successful Playwright journey.

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